Thursday, November 16, 2017

Oil City's Giant Eagle

The Giant Eagle in Oil City, PA caught my eye for a number of reasons. One being its small size, but also its unique store exterior. It turns out this was a former A&P supermarket, which explains the weathervane. Although it is a small supermarket by today's standards, it is a perfect fit for a community in need of buying food.

Upon entering the store, you walk by the checkout lanes on your left. The suggested flow is to continue immediately straight into produce. The produce at this location uses an aisle setup in the front right corner of the store.

As you can see, produce wraps around the corner as well. The rest of the produce is seen below:

On the other side of the produce aisles, is the store's snacks and candy area. This does not connect back up to produce.

There is only five checkout lanes. Six if you count the customer service desk.
Even though the supermarket here is small, it still does have a bakery and deli:

The store only has eight aisles.

I personally love the windows here.
And this concludes the tour.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Kmart #3885

NOTE: This month's Kmart tour comes from Honesdale, PA which is just outside of the blog's coverage area. 

Although Moosic is now going to be gone early next year, Northeast Pennsylvania still manages have a decent Kmart count. What is also nice for the two most northeastern stores is that they are among the '90s build stores which are about as modern you can get for the average Kmart.

Let's dive into store #3885, shall we?

A bright sunny day for this location. Is this a sign of positivity? Read on to find out....

Score! A Little Caesars still operates here. That's a step in the right direction!
The corner of the store that was used for 1-Hr Photo is now a clearance room. No complaints here, effective use of space.
An in-store map is also present.
Already seeing positive signs. Very organized and clean!

Now this is a unique setup to this store. Fitting Rooms and Layaway are right by each other.

Very narrow actionway

Clothing in Sporting Goods.... at least it looks presentable.
Sporting Goods desk in use.

Nice setup for appliances and mattresses.

Surprised the electronics desk is still here.


Rating: 9 out of 10.
A Little Caesars continues to operate here along with a pharmacy giving some giving me confidence in this location. Very well maintained and organized. With the exception of the missing 'K' in the thank you signage, there's not a lot to complain about in appearances. There was a somewhat lack of customer traffic, but given the time I visited (midday Friday) I won't fault the store for that.

In Danger of Closing?:
At this point, any store is in danger of closing. But for the sake of argument, this location definitely has some things going for it. And it has manged to survive the last few closing lists, so it must be doing well enough.