Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Binghamton's University Plaza

Once again, I must start this post off with a disclaimer of not knowing a lot about the history of this particular mall nor can I find a lot of information about the mall. So some of the maps below map have anchor placement in the wrong spot.

I can definitely say that this place was once a mall thanks to past Google Earth satellite imagery. (see below) I believe the anchors to have been Kmart and Ames. I was able to confirm that Kmart operated a store here thanks to a local news article. 

Similar to how both the Camillus Mall and Fairmount Fair Mall were redeveloped, this mall too was repurposed but instead by other means. Thanks to its proximity to Binghamton University, the mall be would ultimately wind up being a site for student housing with a small strip mall to serve the students. But some changes did occur before the housing project would occur. While it is a little change, it is worth noting that the Kmart store closed in 1999 and was used as a call center for various companies. I believe the Ames and perhaps even parts of the mall would be used for the same purpose for bit too.

In this 1994 satellite view, we can see a building design that is hard to deny being a mall:

Flash forward to 2002, we can see things are so lively based on this view:

You can definitely see some cars clustered around the south end of what was likely the Kmart.

2006's view shows some changes seeing some parts of the mall being demolished.

2011 brings very little change to the property, though it is evident that at least a few shops must be open to attract the amount of cars seen. Planet Fitness also opened at some point in the lower right.

The next change for 2017's view is a major one. This change caught me off guard at the time when I visited the property in person because satellite view hadn't showed any changes from the 2011 view but now does. The pictures that follow the satellite view are my own and come from 2017 while construction was occurring.

I don't believe this clock tower is a leftover from the mall, but I can't dismiss the possibility.

This view would basically be the mall corridor.


A special thanks to Google Earth and its historic satellite views for being able to provide some information on this property.

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Kmart #7083

This post comes from outside the blog's coverage area.

A new year brings more posts. As is the custom, we will continue to take tours around Kmart stores on a monthly basis until I've blogged about all of the ones I've been too. Obviously, we know the company is currently in a hot mess and what is to come remains uncertain though the most likely option would be total liquidation.

Anyhow, this store is not on any closing list as of this writing, so lets take a look at one of the remaining two Kmart stores left in all of western Pennsylvania.

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Big Lots of Bradford - Part 2

With the old location now closed, I recently decided to take a look around their new relocated store. As mentioned in the previous post, the store size nearly doubled from 30,000 sq. ft. to around 58,000. This size difference can be noticed as the store is a lot less crowded.

Overall this Big Lots location left me much more satisfied then its neighbor store in Olean. While I understand that Olean is smaller at around 33,000 sq. ft., it still bothers me that Olean dropped some of the departments they carried before it remodeled. If I'm looking to go shopping at Big Lots, I'd much rather come over to this location.