Friday, March 17, 2017

JCPenney's Massive Closures of 2017

JCPenney has released the list of 138 stores that will soon be closing their doors forever. A list of which stores are affected is linked below.

The stores in the Twin Tiers coverage area affected are: 

  • Lycoming Mall, Pennsdale, PA
    • This is bad news for the mall. It has just lost Macy's as an anchor and now it will lose another one of its anchors. With this announcement I feel that the mall has moved from 'B' status to 'C' status. Keep in mind too that Sears remains an anchor.
  • Bloomsburg Mall, Bloomsburg, PA
    • Well this mall is officially doomed. Just Bon Ton and Dunham's Sports remains as anchors to this dead mall. I visited this mall and only a handful of storefronts were open.
  • Clearfield Mall, Clearfield, PA
    • This one is kind of a toss up to me. While closing a store is never good for the community, the mall it anchors isn't much of a mall. It is more of an enclosed plaza with one area that could be considered a mall. I feel like this store shouldn't stay empty if the right store comes into the area. (I'm looking at you Dunham's Sports.)
  • Towanda, PA
    • Plaza store which serves a small community. Not too surprised by this as it is a rather small store. Guess people will be going to the Kmart in the same plaza for clothes.
  • Dunkirk, NY
    • Just like Towanda, this one is a store in a plaza with no mall connection. I can understand this store closing as it is a rather small store. This is one store I have not yet been too and may not make it too.

Can someone please tell me why people like buying things online they can't see in person? Online shopping is killing jobs....

(By the way this is the blog's 100th post.)

Monday, March 13, 2017

At Home at the Subway House

In the tiny town of Houghton, NY there lies of a college. Because of that college, one chain has opened its doors to the public and that chain is Subway. Now this is no ordinary Subway as this particular location has opened in what looks to have possibly been a general store. It has definitely been here a while as the oven features the old old Subway logo. For a fast food establishment, this place is really quite special and something that I had to share for all to see.

The usual tables aren't here! Instead we get some fancy tables.

Unfortunately, the upstairs is blocked off. Would of loved to have gotten a few pictures from up there.


These are nice touches with a local theme. The viaduct is supposed to be the railroad bridge that spans over the Genesee River in nearby Letchworth State Park.

Restrooms are around the corner of the green wall.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Kmart #4713

First of all, before I begin with this month's look at a Kmart store, I want to apologize for not getting any additional posts in February up. My goal for each month is at least 3 posts, but because February was such a busy month for me I only ended up getting two posted. Needless to say, sometimes life does get in the way.

This month's Kmart is a typical '90s built store, so there really isn't a whole lot to say about it. I'll just let the pictures talk for me:

The front facade is the only thing different from other '90s stores exterior wise.

Only store I've seen this sign at.

I assume the reason Little Caesars was darkened as it wasn't open yet.

Someone must of tried this....

Interesting that there is no 'Big K' logo here.

Rating: 10 out of 10.
The store is clean, well organized and even has a Little Caesars.

In Danger of Closing?: Unlikely. This store has no competition in the immediate area and I saw plenty of customers despite having visited during the late morning hours.