Thursday, February 6, 2020

Former Kmart #7209

NOTE: This post comes from outside the blog's coverage area.

Welcome to eastern Ohio! This month's featured Kmart tour comes from a location just over the state line from Pennsylvania. While technically in Calcutta, I refer to this location as the East Liverpool Kmart as it was in the retail corridor for the area. There was really nothing overly special about this location, but it was an older location from the 70s that lasted until the 2018 bankruptcy. 

I'm not sure what's up with the store map. Looks like someone may have used Paint and updated the map. Either way it was odd and that is a weird Big K logo attempt.

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

The Valu of a Store Closing

One chain that I never really took a lot of pics of was Valu home centers. I'm not exactly sure why that is but I guess you could say that I took it for granted that it would be around for a while. Well, as you can see from the topic of this post, that is not the case. To give some background information, Valu home centers are a chain of 41 hardware stores- soon to be just 38- based out of Buffalo, NY. Valu expanded by opening stores in empty storefronts left behind by other companies closing. Valu is mostly in New York state, but has a few locations in northwestern Pennsylvania. 

One of the three stores closing, happens to be the one closest to me in Olean, NY- which is the topic of this post. The other two stores closing are in Warren, PA and Painted Post, NY. I'm uncertain what the Painted Post location was before being a Valu, but I'm fairly certain that Warren was a Jamesway. 

According to the nearby Bradford Era newspaper, when Valu opened the Olean location in 1970, it was the then largest Valu store in operation. It also occupied the space of 4 former stores in what was then a shopping plaza. One of those spaces was a Loblaw's supermarket- something of which I was surprised to learn.

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