Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Rochester's Lake Ave Tops Closing

For the longest period time, one could easily of forgotten that Tops was in bankruptcy. There was little to no news about which stores would be closing until August and bankruptcy had been filed way back in February. I guess you could say they took their time determining which stores to close. Among the 10 stores closing, this store on Lake Ave in Rochester is the focus of this post.

The service departments are empty
Hope all you needed in produce are bananas

Non-grocery items cleared out
Tops aisle market sign. 

MetroPCS interestingly had a store within a store here.

In case you were wondering the 10 Tops stores closing (which are all in NY) are:

  • 2120 W Gennesee St, Geddes
  • 4141 S Salina St, Syracuse
  • 710 Lake Ave, Rocheester
  • 175 N Winton Rd, Rochester
  • 6720 Pittsford/Palmyra Rd, Perinton
  • 33 Forgham St, Lyons
  • 381 Hamilton St, Geneva
  • 909 W 1st St, Fulton
  • 299 S Main St, Elmira
  • 622 Lake Flower Ave, Saranac Lake

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Former Kmart #3824

This month's Kmart tour is another now closed location in Hermitage, PA. This location was a '80s built store and would wind up closing spring 2018. This overall was a typical Kmart store with no special or unique features. When I visited this location in February 2017, it felt clean and organized; but seemed to lack customers. The electronics department also had a noticeable waste of space.

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Oneonta's Southside Mall

This post comes from outside the blog's coverage area.

While on a trip to visit the Kmart in Sidney, I thought I'd also go the extra few miles to nearby Oneonta and to take a look at the mall there. Originally anchored by JCPenney and Kmart, the mall opened in the 1980s. Kmart would close during 2003 due to their bankruptcy. A Steve and Barry's operated for a very short time in the space before they too went bankrupt. The space is now subdivided between TJMaxx, Dick's Sporting Goods and Petco with only TJMaxx having mall access. A Great American supermarket location operated in what is now OfficeMax. A plaza annex which added Bed, Bath & Beyond and a couple of stores would be built around 2007.

Overall, I really liked this mall. It is the perfect size for the area and the architectural details appear to be original which is always cool to see. The mall is very similar in layout and architecture to the Clarion Mall, though on a slightly bigger scale. Both even had the same anchors at one time.

For the tour of the mall, we start at what was the Kmart and its entrance wing and will work our way up to JCPenney and back. The post will conclude with a look at the mall's main entrance.

The Kmart facade remains intact here!