Friday, June 16, 2017

Another Hometown Tops

Formerly a Big M supermarket, Tops has once again taken over operations of this local supermarket. It is honestly quite nice and offers of course what a small community would need from it. A gas station is also here and appeared to be quite new when I visited last month.

Quite the little convenient gas station. 
Entryway area acts a seasonal area along with carts and other items.

Bread and rolls use the space in front of the checkout lanes. Customer Services is located in a little alcove to the left closer to the doors in the background.


Only 6 aisles and various baked goods are crammed into aisle 6.

Small little deli

To access the restrooms, you get a peak at the stockroom

A better look at customer services

I'm glad to see Tops expanding, especially now that it is no longer affiliated with Ahold. It instead is run as it's own company which seems to be focusing in on smaller locations. Can't say I blame them as Target is using a similar strategy to expand.  Overall, I'm glad to see Tops still covers the basics of what one would need.

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