Friday, October 27, 2017

Warren Tops

As a former Bi-Lo location close to New York state, it makes sense this store would eventually become a Tops. It is kind of surprising that it took them a bit to open under the Tops banner, but evidently as is the case with a bunch of their newer stores, it takes time for them to negotiate with the previous owners.*

This location opened in late 2015, making it the second to newest location in Pennsylvania. Westfield is the newest Pennsylvania Tops. The Warren location, along with an Erie Tops, were apparently pilot stores for the rollout of Beer and wine products in PA supermarkets. That likely explains why there is a separate area here for the alcoholic beverages.

Time for an inside tour which of course uses Tops newest decor package:

One of the largest floral selections I've ever seen at any supermarket

A separate area for the brew market.

*Many of Tops' newer stores are acquisitions from local-franchised owned Big M stores or other grocery distributors. In Warren's case, the Bi-Lo banner was franchised from Penn Traffic before Tops bought Penn Traffic out. 

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