Thursday, November 2, 2017

Bluelight News Flash: New Year Closings Announced Before the New Year

Another round of closings for Sears and Kmart has been announced:

Albertville, AL
Casa Grande, AZ
Clearwater, FL
Milton, FL
Sebring, FL
Dalton, GA
Macon, GA
Tifton, GA
Ammon, ID
Effingham, IL
Frankfort, KY
Glasgow, KY
Henderson, KY
Versailles, KY
Battle Creek, MI
Clinton Township, MI
Mt. Pleasant, MI
St. Clair Shores, MI
Thief River Falls, MN
Independence, MO
Poplar Bluff, MO
Sedalia, MO
St. Louis, MO (Lemay Ferry Rd)
Ohama, NE
Jacksonville, NC
Austintown, OH
Cleveland, OH (Lorain Ave)
Hillsboro, OH
Oregon, OH
St. Marys, OH
Clarion, PA
Moon Township (Coraopolis), PA
Moosic, PA
Shamokin Dam, PA
Whitehall, PA*
Aberdeen, SD
Cookeville, TN
Nashville, TN (Donelson Pike)
Tullahoma, TN
El Paso, TX
Texarkana, TX
Abingdon, VA
Danville, VA
Lynchburg, VA
Richmond, VA
Stevens Point, WI
Beckley, WV
Martinsburg, WV
Vienna, WV

Tuscaloosa, AL (University Mall)
Fayetteville, AR
Fort Smith, AR
Mesa, AZ
Greeley, CO
Lithonia, GA
Valdosta, GA
Louisville, KY (Oxmoor Center)
Lanesboro (Pittsfield), MA
Baltimore, MD (East Point Mall)
St. Cloud, MN
Phillipsburg, NJ
Indiana, PA
Pennsdale (Muncy), PA
State College, PA
Houston, TX (Main St)
Lufkin, TX
San Angelo, TX
Salt Lake City, UT (S State St)
Colonial Heights, VA
Cheyenne, WY

Kmart has officially left the state of Alabama now. It also would appear that Sears keeps dwindling its presence in PA outside of the major southern cities.

As for Twin Tiers stores effected:

Sears (Lycoming Mall)
As a rural location and seeing how Sears has been closing their more rural PA stores over time, I'm not shocked. But this is VERY BAD news for the Lycoming Mall. It now has three empty anchors once Sears closes up shop. Boscov's, if you are listening, please help one of my favorite malls!

Will I return to the store during liquidation? 
More than likely as long as the winter weather is bearable. 

Sears (Nittany Mall)
Although a semi-rural store, State College is quite booming. I never really stepped foot inside this location so as to whether it did ok, I do not know. The mall itself will likely be ok, as this will be the only dept store vacancy.

Will I return to the store during liquidation? 

More than likely no. I don't like traveling too far during winter months.

Kmart (Clarion, PA)
I'm actually somewhat surprised here. I figured the store most do well enough as it just renewed its lease last year. Must be the lease was only for year. As far as business goes, I felt it did well enough.

Will I return to the store during liquidation? 

More than likely no. I don't like traveling too far during winter months.

Kmart (Moosic, PA)
I guess this location's proximity to downtown Scranton wasn't enough to save it. Just like Clarion, I too felt this location to be doing ok.

Will I return to the store during liquidation? 
More than likely no. I don't like traveling too far during winter months.

Kmart (Shamokin Dam, PA)
Not to surprised here. I didn't see a lot going for this location.

Will I return to the store during liquidation? 
More than likely no, but there is a slight chance that I might if given a good weather day after visiting the Muncy Sears.

*The Whitehall, PA store will have an accelerated liquidation sale and close at the end of November 2017.


  1. I'm sort of surprised the Clarion PA KMart is closing...

    1. I'm am as well. I thought it did pretty well as I stated.

      If you'd be willing to grab a few pictures, I'll gladly use them here, but that's entirely up to you.

    2. What I had heard was that the Clarion Kmart just signed another 5 year lease a couple yrs ago..makes one sort of wonder if Lampert is breaking store leases to shut down unprofitable stores...

    3. Lampert is known to close profitable stores just because.

    4. Was into the Clarion PA store closing signs up yet..they had signs saying inventory blowout,everything must go 10% to 30 % off...the closing sales started on 11/9/17...why no store closing signs yet??

    5. My local store did the same thing. Wait about 3 weeks or so and they should transition the signs into store closing.

    6. much more would they mark down items in the coming weeks?

    7. What really got me is as soon as Kmart announced that the Clarion store was media jumped on reasons why...people blamed local leaders for it..local leaders found out this the same time the public did...another suggestion was way Target would go into an almost 40 yr old not enough population..have heard Rural King might come in..who or what does someone get in contact with to try to bring one here..also heard Ollies possibly...according to a recent news story,mall management is "actively pursuing " possible stores...I'm hoping the empty Kmart don't sit empty for very long..

    8. Hopefully it doesn't stay vacant. I'm not sure if Rural King or Ollie's would be interested (at least for now) given that they have stores or plan to have stores in nearby Cranberry. (assuming Rural King plans to go into the old Sears)

      I don't think they are like the other chains who like to have stores just about anywhere. Not saying it won't happen, but it seems unlikely. I'm not too familiar with the chains' strategy for locations so I can't really say for sure.

      I too doubt Target would be interested in opening in Clarion. They would be far more likely to open in Du Bois before anywhere else.

    9. Im thinking if no one moves into the empty Clarion Kmart ,and with only JCPenney being the sole major hoping the mall stays open...

    10. Read another spin on Kmart closing stores...I read there may be a possibility that 140 more may close,connecting to something called the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation..tried to look that up,however a list of stores connected to it was not available

    11. I do feel the mall will stay open. When compared to other malls I've been to the Clarion one was actually pretty healthy. Hopefully that won't change with Kmart leaving.

      Those 140 stores are actually Sears locations that were sold off to pay for the pension plan. Those locations are not scheduled to close at the moment. They instead now lease these 140 stores rather then owning them.

    12. The percentage off seems to increase ever 2-3 weeks on Thursday. 10-30 percent, 20-50 percent, 30-70 percent eventually leading up to 90 percent off on the final day.

    13. Heard a rumor about Peebles relocating to the old Clarion Kmart

    14. It would seem odd to me for Peebles wanting to relocate into the mall. They usually aren't one for malls, there are some exceptions though.

    15. Clarion was a leased location, but not a Seritage location.

    16. Came across a website for a property management firm named Marcus & Millichap..I googled square footage of the KMart in Franklin PA and this property investment firm came up and mentioned this KMart was up for sale as of 10/1

    17. It was listed on LoopNet for 3.75 million dollars...

    18. Makes sense. Kmart is probably trying to sell it off to get some money from it. I guess the store is leased rather than owned so I'm not sure how they can do that. It mentioned its lease is up in 2020, but has plenty of options to renew.

  2. I'm a bit shocked that the Moosic store is closing, but I figured it was the weakest of the 4 remaining Wyoming Valley locations (although by that, I still felt it could hold its own for a while longer). The new-ish Walmart in Taylor probably didn't help that store much, even though that Kmart still had a bit of a buffer between itself and the Walmart. Many good memories from that Kmart and the neighboring shopping center from way back when. The Birney "Mall" will be fairly empty once Kmart leaves. All that's left in there is a Dollar Tree, a Beauty School, a physical therapy center, and maybe one other thing I'm forgetting. It kind of makes me wonder if a redevelopment of that site may be in the works, and the owners wanted Kmart out.

    1. I think many of these locations could hold out longer, but sadly aren't being given that chance. I didn't really pay attention to what was in the plaza as I was more focused on Kmart. Yeah, that Walmart probably didn't help.

      Wouldn't be shocked if Kmart was forced out. Many are doing that nowadays.