Monday, February 19, 2024

The Now Former Shinglehouse Dollar General


    While Dollar General is everywhere nowadays, that wasn't always the case. This particular location we are about to look at is from the days when DG was a lot more selective about where they opened. Over time, it shoehorned some frozen food refrigerators into the store when DG expanded into that category. DG also replaced the exterior signs replacements and then finally did a full blown remodel in 2019. With the exception of socks and underwear, that mentioned remodel actually eliminated the clothing aisle this location had offered in favor of more frozen food product. This location would close in early 2024 in favor of a newly built DG Market nearby- which we'll take a look at next month. 

Always appreciated the overhang this location offered.

Frozen Foods was a later addition that was put into the store's front corner.

Old style of checkout

At the time these photos were taken, remodeling work was still underway hence the boxes and empty shelves

Thursday, February 1, 2024

Former Kmart #9536

 NOTE: This post comes from outside the blog's coverage area.

    Moving south, we take an unfortunately brief look at the store in Bennington. My visit was cut short due to an employee asking me to leave for taking pictures. This location was just too far for me to try again, so the tour abruptly stops. The store was a bit on the smaller size and appears to not of have any special departments- other than a cafeteria back in the day. This location's sporting goods desk was shared with layaway services. The building will soon be split (or has already) between three separate storefronts- with Harbor Freight Tools and Marshalls expected to occupy of two of the three spaces. 

Saturday, January 20, 2024

Bedford's Giant Eagle

 NOTE: This post comes from outside the blog's coverage area.

    Although most of Giant Eagle's stores are usually on the larger side, this is one of the rare exceptions. Operating out of a former A&P, this location is quite unique with its decor. A lot of vintage elements were present and it had a feel of a small town market.