Friday, December 3, 2021

Former Kmart #3963

 NOTE: This post comes from outside the blog's coverage area.

    As mentioned briefly in last month's post, sometimes I'd visit a Kmart that had been documented by others. This again happens to be the case with this month's post. I was in the area and knew this store was a rather nice location from what I had seen, so I decided to take a quick pit stop into seeing what it had going for it.

    As one of the stores that remodeled in 2007/2008, this store of course had most of the bells and whistles of having a more modern decor. Along with a Little Caesars, Elizabethtown also had a rare pharmacy with a drive-thru. It had also been one of at least two stores to do a candy department concept. Overall the visit was decent, but you could seem some cracks coming through in as a result of the Sears Holdings bankruptcy. 

For some pictures of the location after its closure, see a fellow blogger's

Friday, November 19, 2021

A Soon to Be Stopped Tops


    As fate would have it, the timing of recent announcement that 12 Tops locations will be sold off to C&S Wholesale Grocers worked out in my favor. I had already planned to be traveling through Cortland this past weekend, so a quick stop into the Cortland Tops was able to occur. Cortland is among the larger of the 12 locations that will soon be rebranded into a revived Grand Union. 

    This location was built as a Tops, so it has the standard Tops layout of the era. Let's take a look:

It'll be interesting to see what changes Grand Union makes, if any....