Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Former Kmart #3943

 NOTE: This post comes from outside the blog's coverage area.

    After focusing our attention on western New York Kmart stores over the last few months, we now make the geographical jump to the North Country. This brings us to Malone, a smaller community just miles from the U.S.- Canada border. This Kmart location had the typical 1990s layout with a twist- jewelry and cosmetics were along the right wall. The store also had a Little Caesars and a pharmacy, but it had an exterior entryway that was unique. This location is now a Runnings farm store.

Saturday, January 21, 2023

An Updated Scorecard of the Twin Tiers Malls (Part Two)

     Last month we had a post highlighting the updated scores of Pennsylvania malls within the blog's coverage area. Following the same format, we will now look at New York malls.

  • A
    • Destiny USA
      • Although it is obvious that this particular mall is struggling a little, it is clear that this is still a regional shopping destination. With two empty anchors, a few instances of what I will call 'tenant turmoil' and some struggle to pay debts by the owner, this mall is teetering on the edge of becoming a 'B' mall. However, given that it still has quite the number of high-end tenants and attractions, it will continue to move forward- at least in the short term. It will be a property to watch. 
      • Suggestion: Boscov's and/or Target may make for ideal anchor replacements.  
    • Eastview Mall
      • Although an empty Lord & Taylor anchor is present, this mall is probably the healthiest mall in all of the Twin Tiers coverage area. Lord & Taylor's closure does not appear to have effected the mall all that much. The former Sears was replaced with a Dick's House of Sport prototype store.
      • Suggestion: Boscov's would be an ideal anchor replacement for the former Lord & Taylor.  
    • Fashion Outlets of Niagara Falls
    • Salmon Run Mall
    • The Mall at Greece Ridge
      • Although the Sears space has not been filled, it does appears that the property it is just far enough away from Eastview for the two to be able to coexist. With Regal closing down, there is some room for improvement in terms of entertainment. The hallway with local attractions is a great touch though.
      • Suggestion: Round One or Dave & Buster's 
      • Suggestion: Although it may be a long shot to get a second Boscov's to the Rochester market, the area is quite populated and this mall is healthy enough and far enough away from Eastview that it could be possible.
    • Walden Galleria
      • Regional destination.
      • Suggestion: Boscov's would be an ideal anchor replacement for the former Lord & Taylor or Sears spaces.  
  • B
    • Arnot Mall
      • With an empty Sears, this mall may be a little closer to the C category, but there's enough businesses to suggest the mall is at least doing okay. 
      • The former Macy's and relocated Bon-Ton anchor has become space used for events while the original Bon-Ton appears to have been repurposed as a self storage center.
      • One glaring issue I recently encountered was that Burlington had shuttered their mall access- at least when I visited. 
      • Suggestion: Boscov's and/or Runnings Farm stores feel like potential anchor replacements.
    • Eastern Hills Mall
      • Despite the owner's desire to turn the property into a mixed-use lifestyle center, I find it quite unnecessary since this mall actually had made a sort of local business renaissance during the pandemic. With spaces being filled, this would honestly defeat the purpose of the proposed redevelopment of what is supposed to be a dead mall. Even the loss of Sears and Bon-Ton had been addressed with both anchor spots having been filled by The Buffalo Store and a Raymour Flanigan furniture store in the later.
      • Unfortunately, The Buffalo Store was basically kicked out of their space. Not exactly a good look- which makes the proposed redevelopment all the more puzzling since so many businesses have moved in. 
      • The property is unlikely to stay a mall in the long term.
    • Marketplace Mall
      • Even though some wings of the mall have a number of empty storefronts, recent developments such as U.R. Medicine taking over the former Sears AND the wing leading to it give reason to be hopeful for the property. Floor & Decor is set to come to property (I assume to the former Macy's), which will mean all anchor spots will be filled.
    • Oakdale Commons
      • Things were starting to look bleak for the property, but new ownership has been very effective in attracting new anchors and other developments on the property. The current owners first bought the former Sears turning it into a health and fitness center and a brewery. The empty Macy's is set to become the largest Dick's Sporting Goods ever. The Bon-Ton space has been seeing construction activity as well, so clearly someone is interested.
      • Burlington did choose to leave and relocate. While this is unfortunate, it probably is for the best as the company chooses to downsize their square footage.
      • Suggestion: Hobby Lobby would be an ideal anchor replacement for Burlington since they currently lack a store in the Binghamton market. 
  • C
    • Boulevard Mall
      • Seems to me that the mall is purposely being killed off as an excuse to redevelop it. The property owners are liking refusing to renew leases to accomplish this. Gabe's debuted one of their first 3 stores in NY state in the former Sears, but it has no mall access, which further supports my opinion. Obviously, it is very likely this will no longer be a mall in the long term.
    • Finger Lakes Mall
      • The loss of both the JCPenney and the RV dealership anchors is no doubt a blow, but the mall seems to be steady by having become a spot for local businesses.
      • Suggestion: Assuming Bass Pro would allow it, perhaps Runnings Farm stores would be an option to replace the former Sears/ RV dealership.
    • Olean Center Mall
      • My thoughts on potential redevelopment can be found in more detail on a post I did back in August 2022. Given its prime location, I see some potential for a comeback- as long as the proper steps are taken to revive it. Even if it is de-malled, there's no reason why commercial use wouldn't be successful here. It is odd that mall has seen no redevelopment work occur, despite having plans to get started with demolition work last fall. Maybe my post from August caught someone's attention and things are being reconsidered.  
      • Suggestion: Smaller format Target to replace the prime former Bon-Ton.
    • The Shops at Ithaca Mall
      • This one is a bit of a mixed bag. On one hand, all anchor spaces are filled or have plans to be. Yet the interior has a notable lack of tenants in some spots. Further complicating things, you have an upscale inline tenant in LOFT still present. 
      • REGAL will be closing
      • Suggestion: Although it may be a bit of a long shot, Perhaps Runnings Farm stores would be an option to replace the soon to be vacated cinema and combine it with the former Planet Fitness. Otherwise, a transition to mixed-use may be the best option.
    • Triphammer Marketplace
  • D
    • Chautauaqua Mall
      • Cracks had begun to show in recent years due to nothing new to permanently replacing the former Sears or Bon-Ton. This has caused a number of empty storefronts, especially in the former Sears wing. And since the mall has fallen into the hands of Kohan, the mall likely suffer a slow death with nothing more than what is necessary being done.
    • McKinley Mall
      • With Kohan owning this property, there isn't much hope for the mall in the long term.
  • F
    • Batavia City Center Mall
    • Great Northern Mall
      • The mall officially closed in late 2022
    • Irondequoit Mall
    • Metro Center (Binghamton)
    • Pyramid Mall (Fulton)
    • Pyramid Mall (Geneva)
    • Shoppingtown Mall
      • Closed March 2020
    • Thruway Mall
    • Tri-County Mall
    • University Mall (Binghamton)
  • EC
    • Cortlandville Mall
    • Camillus Mall
    • Fairmount Fair Mall
    • Fayetteville Mall
    • Midtown Plaza Mall
    • Rainbow Mall
    • Penn-Can Mall / Driver's Village

Monday, January 2, 2023

Former Kmart #9392


    We finish the tours of the Buffalo area Kmart stores by taking a look at what was the newest store in the entire region. Along with the neighboring Tops, this Kmart opened on the site of what had previously been the Thruway Mall. Because it was a rare store that opened only a few years before the 2002 bankruptcy, this location was only one of a handful of regular Kmart stores to have had belt-driven checkout lanes and a more unique store layout. Even the former KCafe was set up differently. The location also featured a pharmacy.