Monday, August 1, 2022

Former Kmart #3282


          The final Kmart store to have served the Rochester market takes us the the suburb of Chili. This one was a bit more unique as it was very clearly a '60s store that also had a Kmart Foods when it first opened. This location would be among the Kmart stores that would later expand to occupy the next door Kmart Foods after they ceased to be. This location store featured a pharmacy and a cafe that was in front of the checkout lanes rather then the usual corner spot. In recent years, this location got some upgrades in the form of the newer pet department layout and having a proper appliances department. The auto center was actually still being used as it was leased out to a local business called Vern's Auto Services. To the best of my knowledge, Vern's is no longer here because of the redevelopment of the property, but I could be wrong. The entire store was repurposed to become a brand new shopping center with Big Lots, Aldi, Dollar Tree, Pet Supplies Plus and some medical facilities.