Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The Last of the Medley Centre Closed

The last remaining store at the now former Medley Centre is now closed, leaving the former mall completely empty. Sears operated out of this dead mall right up until mid-July of this year. I happened to catch a glimpse of liquidation sale with just 4 days left. Here's a look at the pictures I managed to get from that browsing:

Going into the store itself, the majority of clothing has been bought leaving the upstairs mostly empty.

Obvious old mall entrance.

Heading downstairs

So what happens to the mall now? Only time will tell. If there is one positive thing about this particular Sears closing, it is that at least it should make any redevelopment of this property a lot easier.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

The Wegmans Stuck in the Past

Since Wegmans calls it roots out of Rochester, it makes sense to find some smaller stores still operating at a much smaller square footage footprint than the newer stores. And while it's not a bad thing, this Wegmans appears to have left some older wall decor intact. I can't help but think this store may have been left as is just for some nostalgia of the Wegmans of the past.

As you can see it even has a pitched roof, a classic supermarket architectural design. This store did see at least one major expansion as evidenced by this rather unique painting:

Notice the smaller storefront and a Grants in the background in the 1958 scene on top. The bottom portion is a 2008 view.
The checkout lanes greet you upon entering. Once you enter, the checkout lanes are in front of you while customer services is to the right after the main actionway goes through. While I didn't get any pictures from this area, (lots of people present) I did manage to get a picture of the entryway which you will see at the end of this post.

The checkout lanes and customer services are to the left behind the wall. I took this picture from a little hallway that leads to the restrooms. The time painting is behind me on the wall. 
Pharmacy area.

Special departments
Overall view of this side of the store.

Deli & Meals prep areas
4 Tables squeezed in.
Note the 2B aisle sign having one side being held up by a chain, while the other side is not. The back of the pharmacy can be seen in the lower left of this photo.
Meat signs.
Frozen Foods & Produce

This store still manages to have a rather large toy department.

Housewares, decor and other home products

Thanks for shopping Wegmans.