Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The Tops of the Future

Tops has reinvented itself after going locally owned. This latest decor package (as you will see below) is their newest and with tough competition from Wegmans, it comes as no surprise.

Before we take a look at the store, I want to give some background information as its location has a history. This site was previously home to a Kmart which closed in 2008. Tops, whose store was previously located just up the road about 1/2 mile away, relocated here to open a more modern store as part of an aggressive remodeling (and/or relocating) campaign.

Former Kmart courtesy of a Google Maps capture.
Former Kmart courtesy of a Google Maps capture.

The old Tops location (while still in operation)
Tops at work at remodeling the former Kmart building.

Now for the store itself:

Produce and floral greet you upon entering. (Assuming you enter via the right entrance)
Along the back wall, produce transitions to Deli and prepared meals. The Tops Cafe comes after.

The back wall consists of meat, seafood and milk after the cafe.

The bottom left corner consists of frozen foods, bakery and the pharmacy.

These local artwork pictures are always appreciated.
All in all, I like this decor package. Not only is it modern, but it also gives a nice clean look. Something of which is needed to take on its biggest competitor, Wegmans.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

A McDonald's with a Basement Playground

This McDonald's is extremely unique compared to others I've stepped into. This location has a basement playground, a drive-thru only lane that stretches around the building, and the building itself is not very wide at all. I'll let the pictures do the talking.

The McDonald's sign sits in the middle of the parking lot!
Milton McDonald's

To enter, you must walk up the sidewalk as seen here.
Nice window detail.
Local owned plaque. I don't know if these were common or not.
Interior time:

Into the playground area:

A handicap-accessible elevator is in place.


I took these various playground shots as they are becoming rarer. Also, getting a view of the upper portion like you do here is something I've not seen elsewhere.

Looks like an old ball pit.

I hope this one doesn't get eyebrowed!