Wednesday, December 21, 2016

The 'Tops'y Turvy Decor

Perhaps the rarest Tops decor nowadays is the package that I like to call 'Topsy Turvy.' And while that is not it's official name, it is definitely no longer used in any new stores. The reason I call it that is because there are some very unique and awesome decor choices. There's giant cereal boxes, banners, giant letters, and of course the all important Top shaped aisle sign.

This Tops location, which was Tops' first store out of New York state (also Tops' first Pennsylvania location), features this decor which is indeed kind of funky. This Tops was also built when Tops was still a part of Ahold, so evidently Ahold did have a Tops-specific decor package.

Night time shot.
While foods may be fresh here at this store, some Tops locations lack this signage, so does that mean foods at those stores aren't fresh? I don't exactly understand the point of signs like this. Since this is a supermarket, your foods better be fresh!
Always happy to see some local pride in a store.

Customer Services sits in between two entrances/exits to or from the entryway vestibule. Many Tops stores typically just use one.

The left side of the store is the cafe (out of frame to the left, picture below) followed by the deli and speciality foods (such as cheese). Floral occupies the back left corner. Produce and natural foods take the majority of the space.

Natural foods.

Look at those giant cereal boxes!

Frozen Foods, Dairy, Bread and other baked goods occupy the right side of the stores.

Candy is the only other thing located in the right corner of the stores before the checkout lanes start.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

More Aid to a Former Eckerd

You'll remember that in my efforts to capture the different Rite Aid decor packages, I featured this one from Olean, NY as the Eckerd leftover. Well, I recently discovered this same store remodeled into the wellness decor, so I figured I'd take a few pictures.... Sadly, I have no transition pictures as I wasn't aware they were remodeling until it was too late.

This alerted me to the new decor. Sorry about the tear.

Wellness offers
Sights upon entering

Organic foods now offered.
Though I get what this is for, I still find it ammussing. 
Just remodeled and already a failure....


These carts were just begging for a comparison photo.
Overall, I was pleasently surprised to have made this discovery. I really like this new decor package and I'm glad to see my local store is getting in on the action as well. This experience felt like I was at a completely different store, something of which a remodel should do.