Wednesday, January 25, 2017

A Former Mall Called Fairmount Fair

Just like the old Camillus Mall, this former mall has too been redeveloped into a shopping center. Unlike Camillus, there isn't a lot of information on this former mall. What I do know is that it was anchored by Sears (before it relocated to Camillus) and an Ames store. After Sears relocated, the mall and the former Sears were demolished and replaced with a Caldor store. 
The mall and Sears had already been demolished in this mid 1990s satellite view.
By the mid the 2000s, Caldor had closed and was replaced with a Walmart. The former mall area became a big box strip center with stores like Petsmart; Bed, Bath & Beyond and more.

Early 2000s satellite view.

A view of the former Caldor turned Walmart.
Picture credit to Flickr user snappyjack1.
This Walmart had even kept Caldor's welcome sign in the entrance area.
Picture credit to Flickr user snappyjack1.
Eventually, the Camillus Mall failed leading to Walmart relocating to the site to build its supercenter. This store was demolished, as seen below, and replaced by a Target store.

Picture credit to
Current satellite view.
Here's a few pictures I took myself on the site:

Former Ames
Dick's sporting goods operated out of the backwards 'L' shape seen in the satellite views. (Far left empty space pictured here.) I assume it closed when a Dick's opened as part of Carousel Center's Destiny USA expansion.
Mall redevelopment stores.

Satellite pictures courtesy of Google Earth.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

A Price Chopper Tour

NOTE: This photo tour of the New Hartford, NY Price Chopper is technically out of the blog's coverage area.

Price Chopper's future is kind of uncertain at the moment. From what I understand the chain is not doing as well as it once had and has even been rumored to be for sale. Market32, Price Chopper's attempt at a more upscale grocery store, has not been giving the results that were expected. The plan was for all Price Chopper stores to eventually become Market32. Not sure if that is still the plan. Because of this uncertain future, I've decided to venture into a few different Price Chopper stores and take some pictures of the decor, just in case something does happen down the road. One store that I visited is this store just outside of Utica.

The exterior is generic for Price Chopper.
The first thing upon entering is the pharmacy straight ahead. The checkout lanes would be to the left.

To the right is pretty much all of the speciality departments which surround produce and sale displays.

Natural Foods has been placed behind the pharmacy.

I was quite impressed with the selection of toys here. I know many supermarkets don't carry much toys if any at all.

These triangular aisle signs are a really nice part of this store.

Now that speciality departments are done, the floor changes and more open ceilings come into play. (Transition picture above,)

This is an impressive setup for flowers.
I took this picture of the logo because of the uncertain future of the chain.

Price Chopper offers a thanks in different languages.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

A Sneak Peek of Future Photos

Time for another random assortment of photos that have no description as to where they were taken or when. I did a similar concept back in 2015, so it's time for another.