Monday, February 13, 2017

Blvd Mall Sears Closing

As Sears continues to ever slow demise, many stores continue to plucked off one by one. The sad thing is that often the newer and better located stores are the ones that bite the dust. This Sears location, which anchors the Boulevard Mall in Amherst, NY, is a perfect example of that statement. This location opened its doors in late 2000, which made it the newest store in the Buffalo region.

Here are some pictures of this store I took over the weekend. It is currently in the process of liquidating.

It was nice to see drop ceilings being used.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Kmart #7676

NOTE: This Kmart location is outside the blog's coverage area in Sidney, NY.

While this store is just outside of my county boundary, this store was well worth capturing as it is the closest store to me to have recived the remodel decor package of 2007/2008. Sadly, many of the stores that did get this remodel have now closed as you have probably noticed. It's honestly a shame that those closed stores couldn't have transferred their decor to other stores that were still going strong, even if this decor is no longer the current style. This package is so much better than the '90s style found at most of Kmart's stores today and often getting newer signage is all the store may need.

Anyways, at least this Kmart is still going strong with this decor....