Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Wellsburg, WV Dollar General Market

NOTE: This post highlights a sight not found within the blog's coverage area.

As part of my vacation trip south this year, I focused in on some interesting finds in the panhandle of West Virginia. One such find was this Dollar General Market in Wellsburg, WV. Perhaps the market design is more common in other areas of the country, but as far as I know no such design exists in the blog's coverage area. I took the opportunity to stop in and get an experience of what the store is like. 

Produce & Ice Cream 

This store seemed to be doing pretty well which makes sense as the nearest Walmart is at least around 10 miles or so away. Kroger does have a location down the road, but likely lacks a selection of general merchandise due to its smaller size. The convenience of having all the items that Dollar General normally sells with the added bonus of extra market items would easily put a hurting a Walmart.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Great Northern Mall

Continuing on with a look at the Syracuse malls, this post features the northernmost mall in the region. The Great Northern Mall opened in 1988 with Dey Brothers and Sibley's as original anchors. It is possible that both Sears and Hess served as original anchors, but I'm not 100% certain on that. Sears had relocated to the mall after closing the former location at the Penn-Can Mall. 

Dey Brothers became Chappels which would later become Bon Ton. Sibley's became Kaufman's followed by Macy's. Dick's Sporting Goods took over the old Hess location. Both Bon Ton and Macy's are now closed leaving just Sears and Dick's as anchors.

Bon Ton closed in 2006, while Macy's closed earlier this year.

The following pictures come from a March 2016 visit when the mall was in better shape. Many stores have closed since these pictures were taken.

We'll start with the exterior first followed by an interior tour which begins and ends at Sears.

Former Ruby Tuesday by the main entrance
Now closed Macy's

Former Bon Ton

Sears managed to get some minor updates to this store.

Now closed Aeropostale

Former Deb

Former Bon Ton

Former Ruby Tuesday

This concludes a look at the Great Northern Mall.