Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Tops at the Riverside in Corning

Opening in Riverside, NY in 2014, this store is one of Tops' newer stores. It opened in a former P&C, but it was not because of the Penn Traffic merger. This particular P&C had closed before the chain was bought out by Tops and the building was sitting empty. Tops just simply moved in as either the third of fourth store to open after Tops became an independent supermarket chain.1 

Interior time:

The Organic selection.

Mini cafe
This is just to the right off the small cafe.

One of many aisle marker signs.
Aisle 8 and Thank You for Shopping Tops.

Frozen Foods
Target makes a cameo in this post.

Bakery & Cakes
It is nice to see that murals are used here.

Tops' tagline is even on one of the murals.

Customer Services
One last view of the checkouts before exiting.
1. Tops was previously owned by Ahold, the same company that owns the Martins and Giant supermarket chains. That's why some stores have similar decor packages.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Warren's Kroger Supply

I had mentioned in one of my very first posts that Kroger once had a presence in the Twin Tiers coverage area. I can confirm that were also locations in the towns of Clarion, Clearfield, DuBois and Meadville. Kroger also had locations outside the blog coverage area surrounding the Pittsburgh region. Kroger completely left Pennsylvania in 1984 due to increased costs to operate just nine stores after having labor disputes in the Pittsburgh area:

Warren apparently either closed as part of the 45 stores mentioned, or it just closed on its own. The second seems more likely as Warren is the furthest city to the north- with at one time having a Kroger presence- away from Pittsburgh. I do plan on doing another post or two on PA Krogers, but it may be a while before I do.

This store, now split between a Salvation Army thrift store and a Tractor Supply, was a shadow anchor of the now dead Warren Mall. Although I have no idea when this store opened or closed, I do know it was a greenhouse style of store.1  Going in I didn't have much of an idea of what I was looking for so I kind of looked for anything that seemed out of place for a Tractor Supply:

These greenhouse windows is what give this building's days a Kroger away. At least Tractor Supply kept them intact. Nowadays it seems Tractor Supply does actually do exterior work for at least some of the newer locations.

Some miscellaneous views from under the greenhouse windows.
Now for some interior details:

First sights upon entering.
Original Kroger doors have been blockaded off, but there still here!
Newer doors in place.

Greenhouse windows as viewed from the inside.
Open back wall.
Different ceiling heights. The higher ceiling is actually a hallway that leads to the restrooms here.
Peeking into the stockroom at the end of the mentioned hallway.
So while Kroger no longer operates in PA, its memory still does even if I only discovered it within the past few years. Interestingly enough, the former Indiana, PA Kroger is also a Tractor Supply.

I would like to thank Flickr user Mjhale for bringing my attention to the google newspaper link in this article. He has a picture of the former Grove City and Clearfield Kroger locations on his photostream. I plan to eventually visit Clearfield myself.

1. Thanks to multiple Flickr users (you know who you are) and Mid-South Retail Blog's series of post about Kroger decors.

Friday, June 3, 2016

Kmart #4113

I saved the best (in my opinion) of the Erie Kmart locations for last. This location may be the oldest of the stores, but it seems to always be busy when I visit. Let's dive right into the pictures:

I love how the road leads to Kmart....
Helpful stoplights allowed me to take this picture.
Now for the closeup:

I noticed the bits of blue paint coming through on one of my visits. Perhaps scars from its earlier days?
The following find at this store is just plain out awesome.

Retro Kmart plaza sign still in use today.
Want to go for a spin in a Kmart kiddie ride?
Former Kmart Foods now occupied by Giant Eagle.

The store layout is typical for a store from the '60s and even early '70s stores. The one thing to note is that there was a separate detached auto center for this store which can be seen toward the end of this post. It is now used a doctor's clinic.

Alternate views of the checkout lanes.

Fitting Rooms
Mens department
Corner Lawaway and Restrooms
Back Actionway
Center Actionway
Home Decor & Cleaning Supplies
Pet Supplies
Starbucks at Kmart
Home Improvement

Garden shop entrance.
Inside the garden center.
Sporting Goods. Apparently someone wants to try out for the hockey team.
Toys in the bottom left corner of the store.
Tiles that can sometimes appear randomly at stores.
Electronics with the random appliances thrown in.

Mattresses and appliances now occupy half of electronics, but at least the electronics counter is still here:

Moving on from there, we capture the last remainder of the store:

On one of my visits to this store, I was able to visit during a bluelight special. So that's a bonus.

This is actually a relatively smaller jewelry desk.
The entrance and exit doors.
Here's a pic of the old auto center turned urgent care and the former cafe area:

I accidentally skipped post this earlier and because Blogger doesn't like you adding pictures between already places pictures, I had have to it here.

Rating: 8 out of 10. I would probably give a higher score if some new paint and new signs were added here. 

In Danger of Closing? The only way I personally see this store closing is if it is a leased location and the lease runs out or if a major snowstorm dumps heavy snow on its roof.1 Otherwise, I think this store will continue to operate despite being over 50 years old with no major remodel.

Footnote: Although even if weather were to make an impact in the form of heavy snow here, there is still no guarantee that it would close. It would depend on how the landlord would react to the problem. The former Kmart in Conneaut, OH closed back in 2014 due to a lack of action from a landlord that refused to fix the roof of its anchor tenant. That store was profitable, but the landlord pretty much kicked it out.