Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Are You Ready for the Rite Aid Makeover?

Unless you haven't paid attention to the news within the last 24 hours, you would well be aware that Walgreens has announced plans to merge with the 3rd largest pharmacy Rite Aid to form one LARGE company. Between the Family Dollar and Dollar Tree merger and now this, Walmart definitely must be feeling some heat.

I bring this topic up because the Rite Aid may stick around at first, but Walgreens has said they would likely phase the Rite Aid name out eventually. This begs the question to me personally how many exactly will close.The small main street Rite Aid I did a post on back in August seems unfit for a Walgreens to want. 
I can understand the general reasoning for Walgreens buying Rite Aid. Within an hour radius of my location there are only two Walgreens locations while Rite Aid has at least 6 locations within the same radius. (The funny thing is that the two Walgreens are both former Rite Aid locations that had relocated to former nearby Eckerd locations due to an overlap in that town.) Also, Walgreens doesn't have nearly as many PA locations as the PA-based Rite Aid does.

However there is also a downside to this merger, I know in most places that Walgreens and Rite Aid may literally have a location right across the street from each other. Here's just a few examples in Twin Tiers coverage area:

Bath, NY:

Penn Yan, NY:

Irondeqouit, NY:

Although Rite Aid was never really something I considered doing, its likely you'll start seeing some more Rite Aid posts in the future to remember the name while it is still alive. I won't be able to get all of the designs below but I should be able to get most of them. I leave you with a few exterior shots of the different designs I have taken. If you have any additional information on a Rite Aid design or pictures please leave a comment below or send an e-mail at

Other than the modern design, I don't know if the interior is different by design or not.

Small-Town/Limited Space Design: (Cities likely have this layout)

Diamond Window Design:
This style can be seen as red signage on white as seen above or the more common white on blue as seen below.

Peaked-Roof Design:

'Getting Fancy' Design:

Former Standalone Eckerd Locations: (can also come in tan)

Shopping Center/Mall Location: (Usually former Eckerd locations)

Modern/Wellness Design: (Rite Aid's newest design)

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Closing Time for the Mt. Ponoco, PA Kmart

NOTE: This post comes from Monroe County, PA. Just outside of the Twin Tiers coverage map.

In June of this year, I had the opportunity to visit the sprawling cities of Scranton/Wilkes-Barre which traverse the Wyoming Valley in Northeast PA for over 20 miles. I really liked the terrain of the area, but since this is a site about retail, lets get to it!

Although Mt. Ponoco is NOT in the coverage area for the Twin Tiers Blog, it is was close enough for me to venture out there to visit the store's liquidation sale when I was visiting northeastern Pennsylvania. So without further delay, these pictures were taken on the first Saturday in June. 

Never a good sign to see an Australian Kmart logo!
You can still shop at Kmart at the following nearby locations.
Random appliances in the entryway.
Store Map.

Old Kmart television was still at this location.
Clothing Remains

No more supplies for baby. 
Shelves for Sale

Somebody likes to liter....

This store HAD there electronics desk.

Pantry is Emptied Out

Pharmacy Scar
Run on Over to Rite Aid
The place that couldn't be saved thanks you for shopping this place.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Warsaw Walmart Remodel (Part 2)

Welcome back to part two of the Warsaw Walmart's remodel. Over the course of about three weeks, Walmart was able to drastically change the basic layout of the store. Personally, I would of thought the remodel was almost complete after this visit. I'm left wondering what they plan on changing next because the remodel is scheduled to last through December.

You'll notice that the poles in the front of the store have been changed. The old logo still remains, not that I'm complaining!
Remodeling notice.

Notice the now completed new Customer Service desk in the background. The store just wasn't using it yet.
Since there wasn't much change in the clothing arrangement, I pretty much skipped over those departments.

The freezers were being put into the newly arranged the food department, which will be featured later in the post. A nearby employee joked with this 'event staff' employee about 'going for a ride to cool off.'

The old electronics area now being used for seasonal, home office and Celebrate! supplies. Notice the electronics return policy in the first picture.
The photo center sign was moved over here.
The mini-pickup sign was removed, but no pickup on the wall yet.
The store's lackluster furniture selection.
Home Decor & Automotive
The Paint courtesy desk looks to be up and running now.
With all the progress the store had made, I was kind of surprised to still see a section of an aisle in the main thoroughfare.
Sporting goods courtesy desk.
These 'modular process sheets' could pretty much be found in every department outside of ones that haven't changed.
The only changes I could spot in the pharmacy area.

Former beverage aisle.

Now we shall take a look at the new grocery and cleaning supplies which now combined, went from 2-3 for cleaning supplies and 5 aisles for food plus the beverage aisle mentioned above to around 13 or so together.

Bedding and related home supplies were pushed back behind the new food and cleaning area.
Figured I get one last shot of the frozen foods up front before they move to their new location.
We know you'll shop here, so why do we need to thank you?
Sad to see a lot of the 90s relics go such as the 'Thank you for shopping at Walmart', but at least I got to capture some of them before they were wiped completely from this store forever.