Monday, September 19, 2016

A Weis Choice of Neon

While planning out many of my retail-oriented trips, I stumbled upon an exterior street view image of Weis still rocking the old yellow signage.1 I decided I would stop in and see if the interior decor was as special as finding the rare exterior signage. It indeed was special as it is a neon-based package.

A neon pharmacy greets you upon entering. The deli is to the left.
Bakery is the first thing along the left side of the store.
Deli closeup.
Produce, along with cheese and a salad bar, make up the rest of the left side of the store.
The Made to order and Pizza sits on the right side of  cheese immediately after the deli area.
Notice that produce does not have neon letters. This becomes more common moving forward.
Floral sits a little corner along the left wall after the bakery area.
A closer look at the produce signage.
Rounding the corner after the made to order area is seafood.
Weis managed to fit 2 random tables near produce in.
Back of the store.

Frozen foods are along the right side of the store running in aisles.
Bread sits at the front of store.
Dairy makes shares an aisle with frozen foods on the right side of the store. You can also see an example of the aisle signage i this picture as well as the one below.

Checkout lanes, with customer services in the background. I did not get a picture of customer services for some reason.
This store is kind of all on its own with the next closest stores being Wellsboro, PA or the many Weis stores 2 in the Binghamton area to the east. That could explain why the decor package is neon. Being somewhat secluded from the rest of the chain, it is hard to say if the store will continue to use this or remodel it like most other Weis locations have done.

1. Most stores have been updated/remodeled to just saying Weis on them nowadays.
2. Previously all Giant supermarket stores. They were sold to Weis.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Bluelight News Flash: A Handful of Closures Ahead

Just quick little post in regards to another list of closing Kmart locations. I know there is a list out there, however not all stores are confirmed via local media. For this reason, I will only be posting confirmed closures as they become confirmed via local media. This post will be updated to reflect the 60 or so expected store closures. Two Sears stores have also been confirmed.

Cullman, AL
Cody, WY
Grand Rapids, MI
Byron Center, MI
Natchez, MS
Burlington, NC
Binghamton, NY
Oak Ridge, TN
Abilene, TX
---------------------------------- Added 9/18 ------------------------------------------
Craig, CO
Manistee, MI
Kearney, NE
Scottsbluff, NE
---------------------------------- Added 9/19 ------------------------------------------
Jonesboro, AR
Springdale, AR
Sierra Vista, AZ
Fontana, CA
Indio, CA
Los Angeles, CA (Vermont Ave)
Thornton, CO
Panama City, FL
Augusta, GA
Waipahu, HI
Joliet, IL
Springfield, IL
Tinley Park, IL
Macomb, IL
New Lenox, IL
Elkhart, IN
Merrillville, IN
Pikeville, KY
Houma, LA
Great Barrington, MA
Alpena, MI
Fenton, MI
Jackson, MI
Moorehead, MN
Mount Airy, NC
Cheektowaga, NY
Canton, OH
Mentor, OH
Sioux Falls, SD (10th St)
Clarksville, TN
Hixson, TN
Memphis, TN
Nashville, TN (Murfreesboro  Pike)
Smyrna, TN
Martinsville, VA
Wytheville, VA
Yakima, WA
---------------------------------- Added 9/20 ------------------------------------------
Chicago, IL (Gage Park)
West Saint Paul, MN
Deming, NM
Harlington, TX
---------------------------------- Added 9/21 ------------------------------------------
New Iberia, LA
Suite Ste. Marie, MI
Salt Lake City,UT (4100 South)
West Valley City, UT (South 5600 West)
Riverton, WY

Bartlesville, OK (SEARS location)

---------------------------------- Added 9/22 & Beyond -----------------------------
Gardendale, AL
Burnham, PA
Lawton, OK
Lubbock, TX

Erie, PA (Sears Location)

Friday, September 9, 2016

Kmart #7120

NOTE: This post comes from outside the blog's coverage area from Southwestern Pennsylvania. This will also be October's look at a Kmart visit done early as a thank you for 10,000 views to the blog.

Rather than closing the fancy restaurant inherited from its days as a Grants location as most have, one lone Kmart stores continues to serve a diner experience just outside of Belle Vernon, PA. I stopped by this location on my most recent return trip home from Tennessee and had dinner at the 'Route 201 Kmart Diner,' or as the signs say, the 'KCafe Family Restaurant.'

Rather than starting with the exterior as a normally would, I saved that for last. We instead start with why this particular location is so unique compared to other restaurants:

The menu was something that was just begging to be photographed:

A quick look at the rest of the store:

Good to see that this store has mannequins.

The Appliance takeover of electronics.

Old 90s price scanner sign.

The restaurant must be doing rather well if they are looking for additional help. I can say for a fact that it has many regulars as I overheard conversations between an employee and multiple customers.
 Some additional restaurant pictures followed by exterior shots:

Chef Bluelight

Rating: 9 out of 10. Busy, unique and well-stocked describe this store from my experience. Even though Walmart is right down the road, this store had plenty of customer traffic. Not to mention the fact that there are plenty of regulars who come for the restaurant attached. (Which by the way, actually has really good prices for a diner.) The score is not a perfect 10 as the store could be a little cleaner.

In Danger of Closing?: Possible, but hard to tell.