Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Lycoming Mall

All good things must come to an end, or at least that is what is said. The end appears ever so nearer for the Lycoming Mall. While I'm personally hoping that things can turnaround for this now C-class mall, I'm not holding my breath especially since one of the anchors that remains is Sears....

The mall was originally built sometime after 1975, as plans were revealed for it in that year. Its original anchors were Sears, Gee Bee and Hess. A Woolworths store also served as a junior anchor in the spaces currently occupied by Foot Locker and a Champs sports store. A 1985 planned addition added the wing leading up to a new fourth anchor, Bon Ton. JCPenney would eventually open a store at the mall as well in the late 80s or early 90s. Gee Bee would operate until being taken over by Value City, while Hess's would become Macy's. Value City closed in 2008 and was later replaced by Burlington Coat Factory.

Borders and Dick's Sporting Goods both opened stores in the Macy's wing, likely absorbing previous mall storefronts for their stores. Borders was replaced by a BAM-branded Books a Million after Borders went bankrupt.

Macy's, which owned the store at the mall (and technically still does), closed their doors in March 2017. JCPenney will follow suit by closing in June leaving Sears, Burlington and Bon Ton as anchors. Dick's Sporting Goods and BAM! serve as junior anchors.

Outside of where the mall expanded, you call tell this mall has never really seen any big remodels. The only thing that was altered that I know of is where a dip in the floor in front of Burlington was filled in. Being in the center of the mall, the dip was a couple feet fewer than the rest of the mall and served as an event gathering place. The mall screams '70s and even the newer Bon Ton still gives off the '80s vibe. Admittedly, it is not as noticeable as other malls.

This first batch of photos come from a 2013 visit to the mall.

Former CVS in the Sears wing.

Here's a few pictures of the dip area I was talking about.

Note that Gamestop left the 'EB' letters up until its recent closure.

Bon Ton wing followed by exterior pictures:

This was little cut through was added for access to JCPenney.

Former Woolworths

These next pictures come from past visits in more recent times:

Vintage McDonald's flooring still being used!

I will making a second post next month which will focus on the liquidation sale for this mall's Macy's.