Thursday, March 22, 2018

A New Modern Bon Ton

Even though Bon Ton may be in bankruptcy as we speak, they actually managed to open a new store just before bankruptcy was declared. And while this store was technically a relocation of an existing location, it still qualifies as new as was the idea. Bon Ton evidently does rather well here in Horseheads, NY for them to be willing to spend plenty of money to relocate and have a new modern store. The new store was previously a Macy's as seen below:

Flash forward a few months and new Bon Ton has opened:

The old Bon Ton at the same mall
Bon Ton has really a decent following in my region and does rather well. I for one, would hate to see them follow Toys R Us' footsteps. Bon Ton would also hurt many communities in Pennsylvania if they were to close as many are the only department store (not counting Walmart) left.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Greece Toys R Us Soon to Be Gone

While there is a lot of extreme uncertainty for the future of Toys R Us as a company, this location in Greece, NY will no longer exist either way come the end of April. This location was one of the over 150 stores to close it doors. I visited the store closing sale last month to see how things are going for this location and it was surprisingly still quite stocked. While I have no intentions to return here, I still wanted to document it before it is gone forever.

The closing of the Greece, NY location serves as bad news for this shopping plaza as Toys R Us served as an anchor for it.
Close up of the store closing banner that Toys R Us is using.

A couple of actionway pictures
American Girls Dolls space

With the closing of both this Toys R Us and the Henrietta Babies R Us, only one store would of remained in the Rochester market in Henrietta. That is of course, was before Toys R Us announced its transition to Chapter 7.

Friday, March 2, 2018

Former Kmart #7075

March's Kmart tour is a tour of a store that no longer exists. I'm talking about the former Kmart store in Shamokin Dam, PA which is just across the river from Sunbury. This store officially closed in January 2018, but the pictures below come from my visit to this store in 2014.

Time for the interior tour:

Former cafe
Likely what was the fountain drinks for the cafe.

We conclude this tour with some additional exterior photos of the outside surroundings.